Life At Beauchamp City - Zaynab, Year 12

I guess you’re wondering what a typical day for me looks like?
Well, let me tell you.

I walk through the college doors at about 8.10 in the morning and I always bump into someone at the door and we have a little chat; it’s always an amazing start to my day.

I meet up with my friends and we talk, laugh and chill until we have to go to form. I personally really enjoy form. It’s a relaxed classroom setting where we can just sit and talk to our tutor about pretty much anything. My form tutor is AMAZING; I feel very comfortable to approach him.

Then lessons start. My biology lessons on Monday and Tuesday are usually quite challenging, but I get loads of support from my teachers, so I’m coping. I have chemistry on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which to me is the most enjoyable lesson. I learn a lot and my teachers are very funny; they even push me to go beyond the A level syllabus, which is actually fun! I have maths on Thursday and Friday. In my opinion, maths is quite a laid back lesson, as I can easily get the work done. Imagine that!

The independent study sessions are brilliant for group work. We can sit together and go through any work we’re struggling with or just feel like doing together.

The Beauchamp City Sixth Form community is awesome. Everyone respects each other, I’ve not seen any discrimination, and teachers respect us too.

I’m so glad I chose BCSF, as I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Zaynab, Year 12
Studying: A-level Biology,
Chemistry, Maths