Life At Beauchamp City - Preetum, Year 12

So, what does a typical day at BCSF look like?

The day always starts with a trip to tutor time where you ease yourself into the day and socialise with friends. Also, during tutor time, we usually discuss a range of different topics from British Law to human rights and freedom of speech. After tutor time, we are expected to either attend our timetabled lessons/supervised study sessions or go to one of the independent study areas to work where we’re allowed to chat quietly with friends whilst getting on with homework and/or revision.

During break and lunch we can grab a drink and hot or cold snack from the refectory. At lunchtime, or after period 5, we can go home if we want to if there aren’t any timetabled lessons in the afternoon. Although, we can always choose to stay and study in one of the allocated areas or the library. The college day ends at 2:50.

How has my BCSF experience been so far?

It has been both challenging and exciting. The teachers are really supportive and they’re always willing to chat if you have any concerns with subject work or college in general.

How about careers advice?

In Year 12, we are all signed up to a platform called “Unifrog” which combines personality tests and subjects that you’re studying to give ideal post-18 courses. This could be an apprenticeship, a university course or any other pathway such as the army.

Why did I choose Beauchamp City Sixth Form?

BCSF is easily accessible within the city centre and is around great attractions to visit during lunchtimes or after the college day is over. And, there is a Student Support Centre (SSC) which you can visit if you have any worries in general about college life.

I look forward to seeing you at Beauchamp City next year!

Preetum, Year 12
Studying: A-level English Literature,
Chemistry, Physics & Extended
Project Qualification (EPQ)