Life At Beauchamp City - Natalia, Year 12

So, you may be wondering, what will a normal day be like?

Well typically everyone has a timetable which is set up depending on the courses you decide to undertake. You may receive half days where you can leave at 12:30 and get home to do some study in the comfort of your own home. When I get into the building I head straight to form, and have my tutor explain the news for the day, typically related to special talks from colleges or places for work (which personally is quite interesting) which lasts from 8:30-8:50am.


English Literature is period 1 & 2 and with my English teacher always early and in class I enter and sit down, getting my laptop out and the workbooks she printed out for us during the start. Now when it comes to lessons in college, you have much more freedom when it comes to your own personal work. You will have debates, talks and general explanations about a certain topic like Othello in which instead of actually copying the board and not understanding the notes later, you have to work on your feet and make them personal to suit (in my situation it's word documents and fancy handwriting).

Silent Study

The most efficient, helpful, and effortless lesson in the day! (use it wisely). When I have silent study during period 3-4 after break its mostly getting your head down and doing work. The whole location is quiet, calm and everyone is making some sort of progress. In my personal opinion without silent study, I would not have finished homework or studied. It’s the type of atmosphere that just MAKES you work, really good stuff.


At BCSF we have beehive, where teachers send you the task and links (with the deadline and due date) meaning you can organize when you do your work, you always have a reminder and it’s just very stress-free.

Breaks & Lunchtime

Here is what you guys may be most interested in, so food wise BCSF have a really good canteen and if you wish for something more you can go out to buy McDonalds, subway, or some chicken nuggets. During lunchtimes which are from 12:30 – 1:10 you can go to a nearby food stall and get yourself something. Breaks you can’t leave BCSF but everything is open and loads of space to huddle up with your group and just chat.

Why THIS college?

Before I had no idea what this college was, I was clueless and only had 3 courses on my mind (which I’m doing now).

This college has really, and I’m serious, REALLY good teachers which know how to help you get full marks.

They alter the way they teach to allow the entire class to learn more efficiently and make sure you reach higher than you originally believe you would achieve. In Psychology I have two teachers and they both separate to allow us to learn at a quicker rate, making lessons fun using skittles and cookies (I ate them all – sorry, not sorry!). In sociology you get these fun tables which have everything you need and it’s just fun and compact to make into study games or notes. Literature is just so fun and easy, straight to the point and you even get to watch entire movies and plays.

Is it worth It?

For someone who speaks a different language and used to have bad grades, this college helped me figure out my career options, my grades and my mental state.

This kind of college is much more simple, less stressful, and supportive. Trust me on this.

It helped me find myself and it may help you find yourself too.

Natalia, Year 12
Studying: A-level Psychology,
English Literature & Sociology