Life At Beauchamp City - Fatima, Year 12

Education is vital to progress and Beauchamp City Sixth Form is a direct path to fly ahead into a bright future. I’m aspiring to end up with four A-levels at the end of my two years at Beauchamp City and after joining, I can truly say that there was no better option for me.

Why did I decide to join Beauchamp City Sixth Form?

Growing up, I’ve always wanted the best for me. I believe it is incredibly necessary for me to aim high so that I can achieve my goals and targets in life and I have always wanted to go for the best possible options available to me.
Recalling back to information evening in secondary school, I still feel the confusion I felt then of how my one decision of where I go on to study further will affect my whole future. Amidst this confusion, I remember speaking to a member of the Beauchamp City team who had kindly
informed me that they wish for students at Beauchamp City to go the furthest they can with their education.

Instantly, I realised that Beauchamp City is the place for me, a place where I can challenge my ability and get to the highest point I sincerely deserve.

So what does a typical day look like?

A typical school day begins at 8:35am in form, where we get a chance to get our brains processing as well as given important life advice from our guiding form tutors. Being in the great Chemistry teacher, Dr Sangar’s form, I must say form time is extremely informative as well as being full of entertainment, a great way to boost my energy for a full day of work.

I can’t deny that my day is hectic and apart from break or lunch, I’m constantly doing something productive, whether I’m in a lesson or I have a free period. Despite having such a busy routine, I find that it is perfect for numerous reasons. Firstly, the day is split out evenly so that between lessons I have break and lunch where I can cool down.

Furthermore, having facilities like the learning resource centre means I can get a lot of work done in my free periods so I have more time for myself at home. How perfect is that? Having a set routine, being up to date with work and also having time for things I enjoy. It’s great!

How would I describe my experience in Beauchamp City so far?

Well in one word, I’d say perfect.

Beauchamp City provides me with the education and routine I’ve always needed. I can’t deny that at times I struggle and feel off track however I must say that every member of staff at Beauchamp City Sixth Form is very supportive and have always guided me and for this reason I would say that...

I am lucky to be studying at such an amazing place!


Fatima, Year 12

Studying: A-level Mathematics,

Further Mathematics, English

Literature & Physics