Life At Beauchamp City - Bhavneeta, Year 12

When people asked why I wanted to go to Beauchamp City Sixth Form, I’d say it was the closest school to me – yes, I can walk home as I live quite close but, there's more to it than that...

A big factor for me was that it was in the Lionheart Academies Trust. I went to a secondary school which was also in the Trust so I knew the environment would be familiar to me.

BCSF was the perfect mix of a proper school with the flexibility of being at a sixth-form; we can go home early if we don’t have lessons in the afternoon but still have designated study periods and are checked on to make sure that we’re keeping on top of everything. It’s only a tertiary school so there are no year 7s or 8s running around either but it’s not as big as some other sixth-forms so you still get the personal touch from the staff. Another bonus is that it’s in the city centre so travelling in by train or bus is easier and cheaper than alternatives especially if there isn’t a sixth-form provider in your area but it also means that lunch can get interesting. The refectory has amazing food at low prices but if that’s not for you there’s plenty of restaurants nearby down Granby Street you can try out, or go with packed lunch.

I also think BCSF is one of the only schools that offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award which looks great on CVs and university applications.

It’s awesome! I made the right choice coming to BCSF.

Bhavneeta, Year 12

Studying: A-level Biology,

Chemistry, Maths & Extended

Project Qualification (EPQ)