Post-16 applications will be processed through PS16.



Leicester based schools and colleges are adept at navigating students through their Post- 16 application journey, and generally will provide you with step by step advice and guidance all the way through to your sixth form admission. However, if your school or college aren’t providing you with advice on the process, you might need to apply independently. Please read on, for advice on how to do that.


How do I apply?

All Post-16 applications will need to be processed through an online system called PS16, and it can be accessed via the following link:

If you’re applying independently, you’ll need to create an account and fill in all the relevant sections. You’ll also need to provide us with contact details for your current school, so we can obtain confirmation of your predicted grades. To avoid disappointment, please check our entry requirements to ensure you’re applying for courses that fall in line with your predicted grades.

For an instant update on your application, please log into your PS16 account and you’ll be provided with visual confirmation as to what stage we’re at with your form. If at any stage you require further clarification, please use the key contacts below.

If your school or college aren't taking you through the process then please contact us at:

Admissions Policy Date
Beauchamp City Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2021-2022
Beauchamp City Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2020-2021


Admissions Appeals will be heard on Thursday 7th July and Friday 8th July 2022.
To request an appeals document, please email: or write to: Beauchamp City Sixth Form, South Albion Street, Leicester, LE1 6JL.


Key Contacts

Ryan Pemberton
Head of Admissions
Jayne Crouch
Pathways Administrator