December 20, 2023

Recognising Outstanding Students with Beauchamp City Citizen Award

In an effort to foster outward-facing and conscientious citizens, Beauchamp City Sixth Form proudly honors students who excel not only academically but also contribute significantly to society through the prestigious Citizen Award.  

Designed to acknowledge students who go above and beyond in both their studies and societal contributions, the award comprises five fundamental components: 

  1.  Commit Consistently 
  2. Aspire and Prepare 
  3. Lead by Example 
  4. Beyond the Classroom 
  5. Respect our Community. 

Earning recognition in all five categories is a tall order, reflecting the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.  

The recent award ceremony was graced by the presence of Warrant Officer Balbir Singh MBE, who took the opportunity to present certificates and badges to the deserving recipients from the current Year 13 cohort, celebrating their Gold, Silver, and Bronze achievements. 

In an impressive showcase of dedication and excellence, a total of 48 students achieved the Gold standard, while 152 earned the Silver distinction and 146 were awarded the Bronze. It is truly wonderful to see them all proudly wearing their well-deserved badges.