BSCF Exam Results

93% of students receive A*- C in first exams at Beauchamp City Sixth Form

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February 11, 2021

Beauchamp City Sixth Form students have excelled in the first set of exams to be taken since the sixth form opened in September 2020.

93% achieved A*-C, with 45% gaining the highest A*/A grades!

162 Beauchamp City students sat the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) Certificate in Financial Studies exam in January and achieved brilliant results, particularly considering such an unusual, and in many aspects difficult, start to Post-16 education due to the current pandemic.

Here at Beauchamp City Sixth Form, we focus not only on academic achievement, but also holistic development to ensure that our students are fully equipped with everything they need to shine.

Here are our top tips for exam preparation:

  1. Get organised

By creating a study schedule, that works well with your routine and other commitments, you can ensure that you have enough time to revise. Break your session down in to manageable time frames and you’ll avoid any last-minute stress or panic.

  1. Reach out

Here at Beauchamp City Sixth Form, each student has access to a tutor that they can meet with daily to access mentoring, counselling and careers guidance - amongst other things. The help is there, make sure you use it!

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  1. Organise your space

Ensure that you have all the space that you need, whether that be a little or a lot. If your exam requires studying multiple textbooks, then you’re going to want enough room to easily flick through or alternate them. With our Library and Learning Resource area you will have access to books, journals, ICT equipment as well as independent and group study booths.

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