Beauchamp City Sixth Form response to the death of George Floyd

June 05, 2020

The Beauchamp City Sixth Form Family is deeply saddened by the brutal death of George Floyd. Like many of you we've felt sickened about how his death has come about, and truly horrified at the aftermath which has shed light on numerous others cases of overt racism and injustice toward the black community across the world. We condemn those who let this happen and we see it as our moral obligation to oppose those who display racist actions and choose to discriminate simply because of the colour of someone's skin. 


As practitioners we have the responsibility to educate our young people and to not avoid the issues because it makes us feel uncomfortable. With that in mind, Beauchamp City Sixth Form will provide our students with a forum for discussion on the events that have recently transpired and we'll be setting out our plans to do that in the very near future. We're very aware of the part we play in shaping our students outlook on life and the Beauchamp City Sixth Form Family stand with you in saying that 'enough is enough; lets be the catalyst for change together.