For students who want to explore the depths of the world around them

Breadth Study: 1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603

Depth Study: 2O Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918–1945

NEA Potential Questions:

  • What drives American foreign policy 1897-1989
  • Black Civil Rights USA 1875-1968
  • Women’s progress UK 1897-1979

Students who want to explore the depths of the world around them will enjoy taking A-Level History. Our modules provide students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Tudor Britain. The Tudor monarchs constituted the most important and significant dynasty in English history, fundamental not only to the story of our national identity, but also to the shaping of modern Britain. The foundations of our church, monarchy, parliament, civil service, intelligence agencies, development of culture and the theatre and other key concepts such as empire and slavery all begin here. There is something about the Tudor combination of bluff, prodigious majesty, coupled with deep, abiding insecurity and continual intrigue that creates a sense of awe and suspense, even though we know the outcome of events.

Furthermore, a study of Weirmar and Nazi German allows students to get critically analyse how Germany’s experiment with democracy for the first time in Weimar Germany gave way to a dictatorial Nazi regime. It explores concepts such as democracy, ideology, class, anti-Semitism whilst it also encourages a reflection on how governments work and the problems of democratic states as well as consideration of what creates and sustains a dictatorship. Moreover, we have big focus on literacy and developing students writing and analytical skills so they are prepared for the intricacies and challenges of studying A-Level History and beyond.


Preparatory Reading

1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603

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2O Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918–1945

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