Core Maths

Mathematical problem-solving and reasoning is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, higher education and in everyday life.

Core Maths is aimed at students who have achieved a grade C or above at GCSE but are not studying AS or A-Level Maths. It is a 1 year, Level 3 qualification similar to an AS level, which bridges the gap between GCSE and A-Level and allows students to retain and develop essential maths skills. The course is designed to help develop students’ mathematical understanding and supports courses such as A-Level Sciences, Psychology, IT, Geography, Economics and Business as well as vocational subjects.

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What will I study?
Core Maths is an engaging subject where students will learn practical mathematics and develop their mathematical thinking and problem solving. The qualification embeds the study of mathematics in the context of other disciplines and the real world.

Course contents include:

  • Data Analysis
  • Maths for personal finance
  • Estimation
  • Critical analysis of given data and models (including spreadsheets and tabular data)
  • The normal distribution
  • Probabilities and estimation
  • Correlation and regression