Have you ever wondered why graphene, an allotrope of carbon is 100 times stronger than steel? Do you have aspirations to design a life-saving drug or a space capsule?

Chemistry is the central Science that impacts on all facets of our lives. Chemistry is concerned with all aspects of molecules, their physical and chemical properties, their composition and structure, their synthesis and use in the 21st century. Chemistry is where the purity and rigor of the scientific method meets creativity and imagination, and as such has its own demands and rewards. By its very nature, Chemistry is a Science which gives you a flexible set of skills that are highly valued in the academic world and essential for the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace.

Chemistry has a large practical content and much of your time is spent in the laboratory. The teaching style is quite different from the GCSE course and students are encouraged to adopt a responsible ownership of their learning, and to take advantage of the enormous Information Technology potential available at our College. As part of the course, experiences in lectures, seminars, practical laboratory work, one-to-one support, presentations and encouragement to see Chemistry in the wider economic and social context can be expected.

There are 19 topics that will be covered over the two years, all of which will be assessed in your final exams at the end of year 13. These include atomic structure and the periodic table, bonding and structure, organic chemistry, energetics and equilibrium.

Examination Board

Future Careers
Chemistry occupies a pivotal position in the Sciences as it is often referred to as a central Science because it joins together Physics and Mathematics, Biology and Medicine. Chemistry will help you develop transferable skills such as communication, problem solving and analytical thinking. Potential employers value the analytical and conceptual skills that are developed during the study of Chemistry. Such skills, coupled with the ability to work in a meticulous and accurate manner, enable Chemistry students to pursue careers within, or outside, the vast area of Science. These include medical sciences, research, chemical engineering, environmental sciences and the petrochemical industries.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
- C.G. Jung