Support & Wellbeing

During their time at Beauchamp City students will be faced with lots of challenges – both academic and personal.

We have created this area to direct them to a wide range of support available to them and their family. Students should take some time to explore the different links. Students should remember that they can always ask for help, advice and guidance through their form tutor, the student support centre (SSC) and the medical team. If they can think of any new links that we should have that would help other students then they should email the student support centre with their suggestions.


External Support Systems
Anti-Bullying & Racism
Counselling Services for Young People
Crime & the Law
Depression & Anxiety
Divorce/Parents Splitting Up
Domestic Abuse
Drugs & Alcohol/Smoking
Eating Disorders & Self-Harm
Health for Teens
Internet Safety
Mental Health/Emotional Wellbeing
Parental Advice
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Health
Young Carers & People in Care
Supporting Children's Mental Health - Conversation Starters for Parents
Useful Links
Healthy Together