Work Experience

At Beauchamp City Sixth Form we offer all students in Year 12 the opportunity to take part in work experience. Students have two options in regards to work experience, they can either source a self-placement or are able have a placement sourced for them by the LEBC who we work in partnership with.

Here at Beauchamp City we believe that it is important that our students gain experiences of the workplace and employment to help support future career choices and decision making.

All of our students are offered the opportunity to take part in a one-week work experience placement in year 12. Students can either source a self-placement or choose to have a placement found for them by the LEBC.

Further information on placements sourced by the LEBC can be found here.

For further information regarding the options for work experience and timeline please click here.

If you are interested in offering a work experience placement for one of our students please contact Rebecca Illston at [email protected]