Student Absence

It is vital that all students have excellent attendance at college.

It is vital that all students have excellent attendance at college. Research shows that even a few days of absence can have a negative impact on students’ performance. Beauchamp City is committed to working with students and parents/carers to achieve the college attendance target of 97%. Beauchamp City operates the following attendance grid when reporting to parents/carers:


100% Excellent
98-99% Good
97-98% Satisfactory
Below 97% Cause for Concern

Attendance Expectations

  • The college day begins at 8.35am and all students are expected to be in college by this time, regardless of the distance they may have to travel. Students who arrive after 8.35am, during tutor time will be met at the college gate and a break time detention issued. Students arriving after this time must sign in at the Student Support Centre.
  • The college operates the Truancy Call System to notify parents/carers if their child has not arrived in college.
  • Parents/carers can help by notifying us in advance by calling or emailing The Attendance Team about planned absences, and arranging medical or dental appointments outside the college day, where possible.
  • Beauchamp City requests that parents/carers contact the college either by calling or emailing before 8.30am to let us know if their son/daughter is going to be absent.
  • Parents/carers are strongly advised to avoid taking their children on holiday during term time and requests during term time will not be authorised. In exceptional circumstances, written requests for extended leave should be made in advance to the Principal. Please be aware that there are assessments and trial exams throughout the academic year.

Tutors and members of the Student Support Centre regularly hold Attendance Matters conversations with students so that they realise the importance of high levels of attendance.

Students and parents/carers are actively encouraged to keep track of students’ attendance through the Beauchamp City Beehive.

Please see the chart below which shows how absences impact attendance:

Every School Day Counts
Attendance during the school year Equates to days absent Which is approximately Which means the number of lessons missed
97% 6 days 1 week 36 lessons
94% 10 days 2 weeks 72 lessons
90% 19 days 4 weeks 120 lessons
85% 29 days 6 weeks 180 lessons
80% 38 days 8 weeks 240 lessons
75% 48 days 10 weeks 300 lessons
70% 57 days 11.5 weeks 360 lessons
65% 67 days 13.5 weeks 420 lessons

Regular attendance at school is the most important factor in a young person reaching their full potential.

Please be aware that if a student has had ½ days (1 session) absence by 30th September 2020 they will have 97% attendance, which is the college attendance target. If they have missed 1 day (2 sessions) they will have 95% attendance.  If your child’s attendance percentage falls in the first term, this will improve as the year progresses if they do not have any further absences. 

Beauchamp rewards students who have excellent attendance through a half-termly prize draw to win vouchers.

  • If there are any circumstances which might affect your child’s attendance, or you have any queries, please contact the Attendance Team on the contact details below.


0116 4979330 Option 1 Attendance