School Day

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Every day will start with a session with your tutor focused on becoming a successful Sixth Form student and eventually preparing you for life beyond Beauchamp City Sixth Form.

For each of your 3 A-Level subjects, you will have 5 lessons a week, timetabled as double lessons where possible. You will have 2-3 timetabled lessons per week for your chosen extension course.

All students will attend 3 supervised study sessions. This is to embed the academic ethos of Beauchamp City Sixth Form and to ensure that all students develop discipline around their approach to studies from the outset.

It is important to note that studying for A-Level requires a significant commitment outside of timetabled lessons. There is extensive provision around the Sixth Form where you will be able to revise notes from the previous lesson, complete homework tasks and prepare for the lessons ahead. We believe that the academic dialogue with subject teachers established at Beauchamp College has been key to success for so many and so we will encourage students to use this time to access support from subject specialists.

We know from experience that students who work the hardest achieve the best grades at A-Level. It is essential that each student commits fully to their academic studies and makes the most of the time, resources and subject specialism available during the school day.

Students are encouraged to make use of the specialist independent study spaces at the end of the school day from 2.50pm.