Post 16 Catch up funding


As identified by Prof Becky Francis ‘The consequences of the pandemic will be far reaching—for all children, but particularly for those from socially disadvantaged families. There have been wide disparities in engagement and children have faced varying experiences during lockdown. ‘
An evidence-informed approach gives us the best chance of maximising impact. Research conducted by the EEF and others around the world strongly suggests that compensating for the negative impact of school closures on the gap will require a sustained response.
Every trust school will have been affected by Covid-19 differently. The right way to support pupils will differ between schools and must be informed by the professional judgement of teachers and school leaders.
Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to have been affected particularly severely by lockdown and may need more support to return to school and settle back into school life. – Holistic support- mentoring
For many students compensating for the negative impact of school closures will require a sustained response. It is highly unlikely that a single approach will be enough.
Highly likely to be beneficial to align chosen approaches with Pupil Premium spending and broader school improvement priorities


Post-16 Catch Up Plan 2020-21