Opening times:
Monday - Thursday: 8am – 4.45pm
Friday: 8am – 4.00pm

The Library Resource Centre (LRC) is a modern well-stocked area for both students and staff.

It is extremely busy and well used with access to the Internet through multimedia machines. The LRC provides book loan services and other non-book materials with a selection of monthly magazines and subject related periodicals. Use of the LRC is wide ranging and reflects its aim to be the central point of information for the college, to provide resources for recreation and enjoyment and to support students and staff in their studies. Our Librarian is always on hand to help and work in close liaison with teaching staff to ensure the resources on offer match the curriculum needs.


The LRC has resources that are available to both students and staff members. Such resources are books, magazines and periodicals.


The LRC houses approximately 4,000 items, with extensive provision made for all subjects taught within college, with multiple copies of titles in high demand. There is a widespread range of fiction books providing a variety of reading for all levels as well as the text books used for specific subject areas.



  • The LRC is open to members of the College for the borrowing of books and other items.
  • Student and Staff Smartcards are used as your Library Card, and authority to borrow resources.
  • All books and resources are the responsibility of the borrower to whom they are issued and remain so until they are returned.
  • Books not returned by the Due Date, are subject to a charge. The current fine rate is 10p a day.
  • The damage, defacing or marking of library books or other library property is strictly forbidden. Anyone suspected of damaging library property will be reported to the Pastoral Lead.
  • No-one is permitted to eat in the LRC (only water drinks allowed).
  • All mobile phones must be switched to silent before entering the LRC and calls must be taken outside.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour by a student, will be reported to the Pastoral Lead.



The LRC has a small selection of stationery items available for sale. Items are subject to availability.